About Us

When the health of Aimee Read's 92 year old grandfather began to decline, Aimee and her family

 started to discuss and research available senior care options with him. Since leaving his home and his beloved cats was not an option, they decided the best alternative was home care. But they were disappointed to experience the inconsistency of care and the insincerity of caregivers.

Aimee stepped in with the rest of her family to personally care for her grandfather ensuring that he would receive the compassionate and quality care he needed and deserved. For him that meant not only assistance with bathing, dressing and preparing meals, but letting him know that he was a valuable part of the family and the community in general.

Having his great grandchildren visit and share in his favorite treats of ice cream or Kentucky Fried Chicken on a regular basis provided a lift to his spirits and weekly movie nights with his lady friends provided both social and mental stimulation.

It was such a blessing for Aimee and her family to be able to actively participate in helping her grandfather spend the rest of his days on earth in the comfort of his own home with familiar surroundings and loved ones. This was such a powerful and meaningful experience for Aimee that she decided to dedicate herself to helping other seniors and their families and in October 2009, Loving Arms Elder Care began its mission.



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