Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for homecare?

If you are 65 years or older or disabled, Medicare usually pays for home healthcare that is medically necessary and authorized by a physician. For individuals that need assistance with non-medical care such as support for everyday living including assistance with bathing, eating, and taking medication, this type of long-term care is NOT covered by Medicare.

However, your Area Agency on Aging may determine that you are eligible to receive reimbursement for this type of personal care under a program known as the Pennsylvania Department of Aging Waiver program, or PDA Waiver. Income and an individual's health condition are used to determine eligibility for this program.

To obtain the contact information for your local AAA, call your county courthouse, visit PA's aging website, or call the PA Homecare Association at 800-382-1211. Some insurance - such as long term care - may cover homecare, or you may pay for it yourself. 


Why use Loving Arms Elder Care rather than hire a person directly?

There are several great reasons why Loving Arms Elder Care should be your choice for home care. All of our caregivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. We make sure our certified caregivers and companions are the best and most reliable in the business.

Every family needs to be aware that most Homeowner's insurance policies specifically exclude anyone working within your home. If the person you hire becomes injured while working for you, you will become personally responsible for their medical bills. This has left several families very vulnerable when caregivers become injured. Every one of Loving Arms Elder Care employees are completely covered by insurance so you and your loved ones can relax knowing that if something unforeseen happens, they are completely covered by insurance.

We also maintain a large staff of quality employees to ensure that the most compatible and reliable caregiver will be there to provide the best care for seniors in their own home. The employees of Loving Arms Elder Care are dependable and reliable. You can count on them being there when expected and going above and beyond your expectations in providing the care you deserve. We stand behind all of our employees and offer additional resources to you and your family.


Who needs in-home care?

The need for in-home care can vary, from people who need additional help with their daily living activities, but can remain independent for hours on their own, to individuals who need 24 hour assistance or supervision. In other situations, our services are provided to people whose family caregiver needs time off from their care giving responsibilities for family events, vacations, or just a short respite. In-home care allows those who want to stay in their home rather than be institutionalized or live with relatives to do so while maintaining their safety and quality of life.


What does non-medical hospice care consist of?

Personal care, comfort care, family support, ongoing reports to the Hospice Agency for continued care management, housekeeping, meal preparation, respite for loved ones, and encouragement of hydration and nutrition as tolerated all falls under the definition of non-medical hospice care.


Do you accept Medicare?

Non-medical home care is private pay, Medicare insurance will not pay for home care, unless there are skilled care needs, such as nursing visits, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We do educate our clients on other options to help make home care more affordable, such as determining if they have Long Term Care Insurance or if they would qualify for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit.


Would you be able to work with Long Term Care Insurance?

Yes, we are approved to work with most Long Term Care Insurance Companies. We ensure the Long Term Care Insurance company receives what they need to process the benefit and reimbursement for costs of care.


My loved one has never had home care before, but they really need it. How can you help me convince them to accept the help?

Respecting their abilities to make decisions for themselves is very important, and convincing them to accept help is a difficult thing to do. However, if their wish is to stay in their home, continue to live independently while living their best quality of life, and maintaining their routine, then home care is an excellent compromise. Having them at risk for injury, which can lead to hospitalization and/or rehabilitation, is something no senior nor their family wants to experience, so helping them to understand that safety and well-being are most important. Assuring them you will help them to find the best quality of care that can be offered, may be reassuring and stress relieving.


What makes you different than other agencies?

Loving Arms Elder Care prides itself on providing the highest quality of care and standards for care that this industry has to offer to the seniors it serves. From our Management Staff to the character traits and experience of the caregivers we hire, we hold ourselves accountable to our seniors and are always working to exceed their expectations.


My mom is worried about her independence being taken away, Will the caregivers be doing everything for her?

Whether its cooking, housekeeping, personal care or walking, our caregivers will always encourage as much independence as possible to keep our client engaged and active in their life, but will assist as needed to maintain their safety.


My dad has had horrible experiences with caregivers from other agencies. One girl was on her cell phone texting the whole time and another was always late. How can I be assured that your caregivers will be any different?

No agency should assure that these things will not happen, but, we can guarantee accountability for falling short of expectations. We have a high level of accountability at Loving Arms Elder Care and we hold our caregivers to those standards. We communicate frequently with our clients about our caregivers and their overall satisfaction of care. If caregivers violate policies of the company and repeatedly do so, actions will be taken to replace that caregiver, as they will no longer be a good fit for our company.


My mom only wants one caregiver, the same person every day. Can you do this?

What we have learned in our 14 years in business is that having one caregiver provide care is not in the best interest for any client. We need to ensure that our clients needs can always be provided, and if a caregiver needs to take time off, gets sick, or is unable to get to their shift, we have backup from other team members who are familiar with your loved one and can step right in and provide seamless care. We have also learned that having multiple perspectives concerning your loved one can only enhance our ability to provide the most comprehensive care.